Not every procedure requires a microscope that takes up a lot of room. Surgeries that are delicate require delicate tools, which is why we sell microsurgical microscopes from brands like LW Scientific, Motic, Meiji Techno, ACCU-SCOPE, and more.

Microsurgical microscopes provide the same quality optics as surgical microscopes but in a smaller package. With open-heart surgery, you may need to move around the patient's body to get the best angles; procedures that involve very small parts of the body, like some replantations, infertility treatments, and nerve damage repairs, can be performed while the surgeon sits in a stationary chair. Surgical microscopes are built to be carried on large, moveable stands allowing a surgeon the full range of movement in the operating theater. Microsurgical microscopes are made to sit on a table or counter. These smaller microscopes sit on a small arm that rotates, though, so if they need to be repositioned, they can be.

The LW Scientific Z4 Zoom Stereo Microscope comes on an Articulating Arm Stand. It can be purchased with or without the heavy table base, according to the user's preference, and with either a binocular or trinocular viewing head. The 10x eyepieces provide a 20mm field of view, and the objectives offer anywhere from 3.5x to 45x magnification. The combination of a Z4 and Pneumatic Flex Arm is a symbol of functionality and ingenuity not found in most other products.

For microsurgery procedures requiring two doctors' working together, our microscopes from the Motic DSK series are some of your best options. The dual discussion system that each product in the series features allows you to train, share, and consult without moving the patient or leaving the patient's side. Machines like these are indispensable when it comes to particularly stressful procedures or when you have a student observing your practice.

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