Inspection microscopes assist in industrial applications where the equipment is tested throughout the manufacturing process. Most of the microscopes used for inspections are zoom stereo microscopes, but they can have a variety of stands, viewing heads, and illumination sources. Some of our best microscopes come from ACCU-SCOPE, Labomed, and UNITRON, though we also have high-tech, high-quality options from brands like Euromex and Steindorff.

The ACCU-SCOPE 3079-LED Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope uses an LED light source and provides a standard zoom range of 8x to 35x. A camera can easily be attached, and the stereo head can be removed and placed on a different stand to suit a variety of applications. The affordable 3079-LED has a sturdy, modular design to withstand heavy use, making it perfect for industrial inspections.

The Labomed 4140100-840T Luxeo 6Z Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope sits on a flex arm stand and provides 8x to 50x magnification. It’s the first in a new series of stereo microscopes from Labomed, designed to bring greater flexibility to a variety of work environments. A bright LED bulb illuminates objects from below, and a built-in 23-LED ring light that features sectional controls will help eliminate surface glare.

The UNITRON 13207 Z730 Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope also sits on a flex arm stand and provides between 7x and 30x magnification. The 4:3:1 zoom ratio makes this the ideal choice for industrial inspection and assembly, quality control, and educational applications. UNITRON also offers the LX System 273 Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope. This microscope offers superior convenience by sitting on an easy-to-use, heavy-duty cast aluminum housing and articulating arm boom stand. The convenience it offers doesn’t take away from its incredible optical quality, though, which is part of why its economical price is so surprising.

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